General Nail FAQ’s

Sanitization and Cleanliness and Safety; This is top priority on my list. I soak my tools with barbicide and have a couple of sets of tools, so I always have a new sanitized set ready for you. Your hands and feet will be sprayed with a hygiene spray to avoid catching an infection and I sanitize your hands before any work is carried out, as well as my hands. I use a hospital grade sanitization spray which I use on my nail files and buffers in front of you before work is carried out. Because electric drills can damage your natural nails and can cut your skin, I only use hand files. Some ‘non-standard’ high street Salons use non sanitised electric drills from one customer to the next, which means you can be exposed to an infection or disease which may not even show up until years later. Last but not least, to apply Acrylics, I only use liquid that does NOT contain MMA (Methymethacrylate) as this has been banned in the nail industry since the mid 1970s due to significant health risks, e.g. nail infections, permanent nail deformities, severe allergic reactions. Despite this, some ‘non-standard’ high street Salons still use this product because it’s cheaper and stays on for longer.

Why do I have to fill out a consultation form? This has to be done by law, but is also filled out so I can see your medical history as this can affect your Treatment. It is quite a basic and easy form to fill in, and enables me to discuss any restrictments for your Treatment.

What happends to my details? Your form will be locked away, and kept confidential. It is only for me to refer back to for future Treatments. I also fill out a form to say which Treatment you had, along with your choice of colours / designs for future reference, should you wish to have the same colours.

Continuous learning. I like trying any of the latest trends and new Nail ideas. I plan on continued learning whilst working and therefore sometimes appreciate any willing candidates who will let me try out new ideas or any of my continued learning. Please refer back to see if I update my website to explain what and when this will be. All I will kindly ask for these trials is a tip in the tip jar until I have mastered them confidently.

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