What is the difference between Shellac and Gel polish? Shellac and Gel are both Nail Polishes made from curable Gel substances, but are labelled differently by the manufacturers (like for instance Pepsi and Coke).

What is Shellac / Gel polish? It is a Gel product similarly applied like regular Nail polish, but after each application is cured under a UV or LED lamp, so once the last layer is applied and the residue is wiped off, is instantly dry.

Why choose Shellac / Gel polish? You dont have to wait ages for the polish to dry, as soon as the last layer is applied it’s instantly dry. No more smudging or chipping. Lovely shine finish that lasts up to 3 weeks if not more, depending on your lifestyle and other factors. Shellac / Gel polish helps your natural Nails grow whilst being kind to your Nails.

Who can have Shellac / Gel polish? Slightly longer Nails are necessary in order to apply Shellac / Gel polish to adhere and last longer. If you are not sure about the length of your Nails, you are welcome to send a picture or pop in to show me the length of your Nails before making a booking. If applied to shorter Nails, there is NO guarantee as to how long they will last due to the process involved.

Who cannot have Shellac / Gel polish? Shallac / Gel polish cannot be applied to extremely damaged Nail beds, split or peeling Nails. If you have bitten Nails it’s a good idea to invest in some Nail growth polish to grow your Nails long enough to apply Shellac / Gel polish.

Does Shellac / Gel polish weaken your Nails? It does not weaken your Nails when applied and removed properly, in fact it provides extra strength and prevents your Nails from ripping, breaking and allowing them to grow longer and stronger.

Removals. I offer a Removal service, but you can remove it yourself if it’s more convenient. To support you with this, I can supply you with a Removal kit with instructions. I must stress NOT to pick your Shellac / Gel polish off your Nails as you can easily damage your natural Nails. I DO NOT use electric drills to file Nails, hence can only offer removals on soak off Gels. I only offer soak off Shellac / Gel polish because electric drills can badly damage Nails and cuticles. If you have had your Shellac / Gel Nails applied at another Salon, please contact them to remove it or find out if they used soak off or hard Gels as it would take 2 to 4 hours to remove hard Gels with a hand file.

How to care for Shellac / Gel Nails? To get the best out of your Nails, you must not use your Nails as tools! Apply cuticle oil at least once a day, preferably every night before bed time, and also every morning especially after a shower.

What to avoid with Shellac / Gel Nails? Harsh chemicals can affect your Nails and make them lift off. When washing up or gardening, wear protective gloves. Cold winters can also affect your Nails, so again wear gloves. Having your hands in water for long periods can make your polish lift as well. Again, do not use your Nails as tools!

My Shellac / Gel Nails lift or don’t last long.. why? Different brands can have an impact on different individuals. If one brand does not work well for you, it might be worthwhile to try another brand. Also – if you take certain medication, this can have an impact too, but again, everybody reacts different.

I would like Shellac but want Nail Art for a special occasion. Due to the process of Shellac / Gel polish, Nail Art can be added on top of the Shellac / Gel polish and then removed after the occasion still leaving you with your lovely Shellac / Gel polish. Please ask for more details.




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