Acrylics FAQ’s

Acrylics for the first time? If you are thinking of getting Acrylics for the first time, there is some factors to consider. These should be high on your priority list to maintain. If they are not maintained to the full, they will become shabby and you may get nail fungus, or the like.

After the initial application, they then need to be maintained with an infill every 2-3 weeks, if not sooner (if you notice any lifting or breakages of the acrylic).

What is Acrylic and what are the risks? Acrylic is made of a powder and liquid and when mixed together, the air makes the substances hard. I only use liquid that does NOT contain MMA (Methymethacrylate) as this has been banned in the nail industry since the mid 1970s due to significant health risks, e.g. nail infections, permanent nail deformities, severe allergic reactions. Despite this, some ‘non-standard’ high street Salons still use this product because it’s cheaper and stays on for longer.

Why chose Acrylics? If you would like longer nails you can have tips applied with an Acrylic overlay, or you could have Acrylic straight onto your natural nail for added strength.

How to take care of Acrylics? To get the best out of your Acrylics you must not use your nails as tools! Use a cuticle oil daily, preferably twice daily, to help prevent the Acrylic to lift. Make sure you book up for regular infills and rebalancing.

What to avoid with Acrylics? Harsh chemicals can affect your nails and make them lift. When washing up or gardening, wear protective gloves. Cold winters can also affect your nails, so again wear gloves. If your hands are in water for long periods, this can also make your Acrylics lift.

Removals. I offer a Removal service, but you can remove it yourself if it’s more convenient. To support you with this, I can supply you with a Removal kit with instructions. I must stress NOT to pick your Acrylics off your Nails as you can easily damage your natural Nails.

What is lifting? Lifting is when the Acrylic begins to lift from the natural nail.

I would like Acrylics but want Nail Art for a special occasion. Due to the process of Acrylics, Nail Art can be added on top of the Acrylics and then removed after the occasion still leaving you with your Acrylics. Please ask for more details.

Do I offer french as I can’t see it on the list? At the moment I am offering white tips with either clear or pink overlay.

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