There are 3 types of contra-indications: Local (l), medical (m) and total (t).

In case of a local contra-indication, a massage can go ahead by avoiding the affected area, medical contra-indications either need your GP’s permission or your informed consent before we would go ahead with a massage. If a total contra-indication is present, then you can’t receive a massage until the indications have gone.

To verify that, we will go through a quick consultation with our clients before a massage.


Examples of contra-indications are:

Skeletal / Muscular System: Arthritis (m), Fracture (l), Sprain (l), Osteoporosis (m), Whiplash (l), Joint problems (l), Conditions affecting the neck (l), Acute Rheumatism (m), Spastic conditions (m), Others.

Skin: Eczema (l), Verrucas (l), Psoriosis (l), Warts (l), Athlete’s Foot (l), Cuts (l), Bruises (l), Scar Tissues (l), Sunburn (l), Others.

Cardiovascular System: Heart conditions (m), Stroke (m), Diabetes (m), Blood clots (m), Thrombosis (m), Phlebitis (m), Hypertension (m), Hypotension (m), Varicose Veins (l), Haematoma (l), Others.

Nervous System: Migraine/Headache (t), Trapped Nerve (m), Inflamed Nerve (m), Multiple sclerosis (m), Parkinson’s disease (m), Nervous & Psychotic conditions (m), Epilepsy (m), Bell’s Palsy (m), Others.

Reproductive System: Pregnancy (m), Menstrual cycle (l), Hormonal implant (l), Others.

Digestive & Urinary System:  Kidney Infections (l), Hernia (l), Others.

Respiratory System: Asthma (m), Hayfever (l), Sore Throats (l), Others.

Other: Undiagnosed Pains (m), Fever (t), Contagious or infectious disease (t), Under the Influence of Alcohol or recreational drugs (t), Cancer (m), After a heavy meal (t), Others.

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